Estate and Trust Administration

The process of administering a deceased person’s estate can feel overwhelming.

Our goal in this difficult time is to help administer your loved one’s estate or trust in a way that gives the fullest possible effect to his or her wishes, complies with applicable law, and gives peace of mind to those affected by your loved one’s death.

Reaching this goal requires tedious attention to details. Determining ownership, preserving value, and transferring assets as intended depends on those details.

We can help you gather all of those details, put together a plan for administering your loved one’s estate, and help execute that plan efficiently and effectively. In the interest of maximizing efficiency and minimizing frustration, we like to take things one step at a time.


during one of life’s most difficult times,
you’re not alone in managing the legal, tax, and financial affairs
to best protect your family.


We guide you with a clear process to discover and clarify your goals and responsibilities.


We collaborate with you and your advisors to determine how best to achieve your goals and fulfill your responsibilities.


Our clear process and collaboration with you and others lead to your confidence in achieving your goals and fulfilling your responsibilities.


Having a previously-acquired simple Will, we thought our “affairs” were in pretty good shape. The identification and explanations of options, at Mitchiner & Small, that comprise a proper estate plan opened our eyes to our need to have a real estate plan. Initially the “legalese” in some of the documents was daunting. Explanations patiently given enabled good understanding of the contents and the necessity of specific legal terms and phrases. We very much appreciate the effort expended to develop our personal estate plan.


Our experience was very professional and comprehensive without sacrificing the ‘warmer’ aspects of kindness and caring. We felt you had a genuine interest in helping us


Professional, legal advice given while recognizing God’s presence in the process.


Everyone made this entire procedure so easy for me. There were so many details, but everything was so organized. The attention to details far exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the attention to details, as well as the way the process and end products were so personalized for me, with emphasis on my particular needs and desires to have my estate saved. I wanted to be sure my sons will have no difficulties if/when it comes time to use the documents, and I am absolutely confident that things will run smoothly for them. Both Joe and his assistant were so patient, listened to what I said/asked. I was always given exact, detailed answers; and they made sure I understood their answers. Having all of these documents drawn up could have been a very intimidating, daunting process; but the entire procedure was made to be very simple but detailed. I came away feeling confident that nothing was missed, that my wishes will be known and followed, and that things will be as easy as possible for my sons. The Questionnaire is a marvelous idea. It is not only a timesaver but is key to the whole process, especially for personalizing the documents. It really made me think and look at the process from another point of view. It was a pleasure meeting and working with everyone.


Above everything, preceding our time together with your prayer for direction and God’s will for our financial well-being was so relieving to both Dave and me. The Questionnaire was thought-provoking, and our meeting time as we discussed our direction for estate planning definitely reflected our concerns and priorities. From phone calls to visits, the atmosphere was all so pleasant. Never once did we feel inferior as you addressed everything with us, Joe. Obviously, you are an educated man but also have such a humility about you. We appreciated your ability to break everything down to our understanding, the suggestions and overall experience. We are peaceful now about this area of our lives. Also, thank you for my own personal ‘overview.’ Dave best sums it up, ‘It was an outstanding experience.


My husband and I could not be more pleased than we are with our business transactions with Mr. Mitchiner. We consider him to be a man “of total integrity”, which is the way we describe him when others ask us who we had take care of setting up our trusts and were we pleased with all that was done. We answer with a resounding, ‘Yes!’


What impressed me most was that we had prayer to start with. I trust a God fearing person and I think you are.


My husband and I could not be more pleased than we are with our business transactions with Mr. Mitchiner. We consider him to be a man “of total integrity”, which is the way we describe him when others ask us who we had take care of setting up our trusts and were we pleased with all that was done. We answer with a resounding, ‘Yes!’


I know that mother was more than pleased with the manner of professional and thorough explanations of each detail of her business. She was most settled in her heart and assured that her desires would be handled correctly upon her homecoming. I felt resolved that we have finally come full circle and had at least completed her business affairs. Joe, I know you are not looking for praise but just know that in this day it is hard to find the excellence you have displayed. We thank you for your service.


I didn’t know what to expect when I asked for help with my Will. Purchasing my first home brings a lot of responsibility, but so does working for a company for ten years. I’m so glad I took this opportunity to get my affairs in order. I feel extremely good about the decisions I’ve made and how my estate will be taken care of upon my death and incapacity. I know my parents are relieved that I took this burden of planning off of them. As my only family right now (not married), they would have been making some very difficult decisions; and with the help of your office, I was able to alleviate that stress. Thank you very much.


Jim was most informative, kind and knowledgeable. He explained everything to us in terms we could understand. Our son who is also an attorney accompanied us and was also very impressed by his compassion and professionalism.


Ethical Disclaimer: Not all clients have provided testimonials, the results are not necessarily representative of results obtained upon every occasion, and a prospective client’s individual facts and circumstances may differ from the matters in which the testimonials are provided.